7 tips for staying hydrated

There are numerous benefits of drinking water. To start off with, many studies suggest that drinking water 30 – 45 mins before a meal helps you lose weight. One of the most important benefits of drinking water is healthy skin, water naturally replenishes the skin and assists with natural elasticity and moisture. Another core purpose which water assists with is digestion – the essential nutrients that go into the body via food are absorbed by the body via water. Do you want to keep your brain sharp – then drink water. The brain cells require a balance of water to run efficiently and keeping yourself properly hydrated will ensure this. Water helps you fight sicknesses. It naturally flushes out your kidneys from all waste that accumulates within them. It is a huge list if we sit to analyse all benefits of drinking water, yet there are times when we don’t remember to drink sufficient quantity.

Here are few essential tips to enjoy the benefits of drinking water


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