About Crystal

In the month of May, 1997, Sir Barry Bowen introduced the Belizean public to Crystal Mineral Water. The water was simply being treated and softened (step 3) before being bottled. At that time, only 5‐gallon bottles were being produced. After being tested locally amongst workers and in San Pedro over a short period of time, it was apparent that neither the Belizean public nor the tourists were fond of the mineral taste. Therefore, in order to obtain a refreshing taste, it was decided that the water would be purified through not one, but TWO Reverse Osmosis units. Since then, Crystal has been providing the Belizean public with its pure, refreshing water. Crystal has also expanded and now produces purified water in  5‐gallon bottles, 1‐gallon bottles, 1 litre and 500 mL bottles, and 350mL pouches.

Which is better for you – tap or bottled water?

This question can be answered based on preference or need. For example, tap water has a higher level of minerals than bottled water, so an individual concerned about the intake of minerals may prefer to drink tap water. On the other hand, bottled water, which has been filtered, purified and sterilized (such as Crystal Water) will have a refreshing taste and will also be free of bacteriological contaminants which may be hazardous to one’s health; hence, it is safer to drink.

What is the difference between Crystal Water and other bottled water on the market?

Crystal is the only water that passes through two different reverse osmosis units guaranteeing true purification.

Crystal is the only water trusted enough to be used by foreign military services training in Belize.

Crystal is the only water being continuously monitored from start to finish by a team of highly technical staff in one of the best equipped laboratories in Belize.

Crystal Water is the only water which can be found in all corners of Belize.

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