Hydration Education

Crystal Bottling Company has developed this Hydration Package as a Teaching Aid to support Belizean Schools on topics relating to water. We at Crystal felt compelled to lend our expertise and resources to schools as a way to enhance teaching in classrooms. We have worked with several teachers and consultants to prepare quality, relative and fun material for Belizean schools to use to make learning more effective for our students in the field of water and hydration.

We have compiled teaching aids on the topics of: The Water Cycle, The Water Cycle Model, Sources of Water, Making Water Safe to Use, Water Facts, Importance of Water, Hydration and Conserving Water.

The Crystal Hydration Package entails:

  1. Two Crossword Puzzles on Hydration and the Water Cycle
  2. Two Colouring Activities on the Earth and the Sea
  3. Two Handouts with questions on Water Facts
  4. Handout on Sources Of Water
  5. Handout on the Water Cycle Song
  6. Recording Sheet for Water Cycle Experiment
  7. Handout on the Water Cycle
  8. Handout on Washing Hands
  9. Group based Activity on Water
  10. Teacher Manual suggesting additional Hydration Lessons
  11. Power Point to aid teachers in teaching additional suggested Hydration lessons
  12. Hydration Video on the different topics of water.
  13. Fun Water Facts Poster
  14. Uses of Water Poster

Crystal Water is always glad to be supporting Belizean youth and education however we can and we hope teachers across the country can incorporate our Hydration Package in their own lesson plans and as a result increase what we as a country know about the importance of water and being hydrated.


Hydration Unit package download (57.5MB): HydrationUnit.zip

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