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Children Helping Children

This afternoon (December 3rd, 2013) Salima Barrow, daughter of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, paid the Belize Cancer Society a visit along with the members of her organization called Children helping Children. It was a special visit since the group of young girls didn’t come empty handed. In October they held their second limeade stand fundraiser and today they donated their proceeds to the children suffering from the deadly disease.

The cheque of two thousand, two hundred and twenty six dollars and fifty cents was handed over at the Belize Cancer Society Office on Mercy Lane.


7 tips for staying hydrated

There are numerous benefits of drinking water. To start off with, many studies suggest that drinking water 30 – 45 mins before a meal helps you lose weight. One of the most important benefits of drinking water is healthy skin, water naturally replenishes the skin and assists with natural elasticity and moisture. Another core purpose which water assists with is digestion – the essential nutrients that go into the body via food are absorbed by the body via water. Do you want to keep your brain sharp – then drink water. The brain cells require a balance of water to run efficiently and keeping yourself properly hydrated will ensure this. Water helps you fight sicknesses. It naturally flushes out your kidneys from all waste that accumulates within them. It is a huge list if we sit to analyse all benefits of drinking water, yet there are times when we don’t remember to drink sufficient quantity.

Here are few essential tips to enjoy the benefits of drinking water


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Source: motivade

Have a smart phone? Then download an app to help you with staying hydrated.




World Water Day 2013

worldwaterday01Water is one of our most important resources, perhaps the most important to life. World Water Day gives the world a chance to understand and appreciate the importance of water and how we can better use it. This year world water day was held on March 22nd, 2013 in Orange Walk at the Multi-Complex center. Students of all ages, from all over the country, spilled into the sugar city to learn about the coolest and newest water technologies available in Belize and participate in fun games relating to water.

Crystal was proud to be playing a key role in this year’s water day as we provided refreshments for everyone attending and had informative displays on our purification process, the importance of water, conserving water and also information about the endangered manatees which was a collaboration between Crystal and Sea 2 Shore Alliance.

We at Crystal are always proud of doing our part in society and helping in educating Belizeans, especially on the topic of the importance of water. Stay healthy and stay hydrated Belize.